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Increase deal flow with OmniCann Pay

OmniCann Pay allows qualified distributors to finance their purchases on the OmniCann Marketplace - Increasing deal flow & satisfaction

Free up resources spent on chasing late payments

Has a retailer failed to pay you on time, leading to a shortage of cash to purchase new product? Let OmniCann Pay the difference and get you back on your buying game until they can pay you back- don’t let other people’s problems slow your business down.

Standard terms keep everything simple

Our financing contract is straightforward, with set terms and conditions that apply equally to all customers. Various payment options are available. Payment, reminders, and rates can all be easily checked right in the OmniCann software.

Minimize the risk of cash operations

With OmniCann Pay, we transfer the financed amount directly to the cultivator, meaning that you have less cash to risk in transit- with less cash on the road, both you and your trading partners will be exposed to less risk.

Expand your customer base

Having extra cash on hand allows you to buy from more people. Have you been wanting to expand to new trading partners but can’t seem to find the budget? We give you the extra cash to buy more than you normally would and expand your offerings.

Free up your cash flow and have a constant supply of goods.

Are you experiencing worrying inventory gaps due to lack of sourcing capital? OmniCann Pay can pad your sourcing budget to help you reliably maintain the inventory availability your customers want.

Support the financial security of your cultivation partners

Cultivation is hard and the consignment model of payment can leave cultivators unpaid for months. With OmniCann Pay, we give the cultivator the financed portion of the invoice on delivery, meaning they can quickly cover their costs. This strengthens their business and makes them more likely to work with you in the future!


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