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Compliance without the Hassle

We make cannabis compliance simple and at not cost to you, so you can focus on your cannabis business, not the headaches

Laser Focused

We have all been directly affected by the daunting new compliance tasks brought by the legal cannabis era. We're laser focused on solving the issues that cultivators have everyday - from complicated government track and trace systems to business management, we aim to help you tackle the problems head-on.

Streamlined Platform

When you hear the word "Training", the first thing that comes to mind is where you will find the down time to learn and apply another layer to your complex operation. At OmniCann we believe that it doesn't have to be that way. Complex compliance programs requiring time consuming training are a result of poor design & planning. By building our platform to be truly grower first, it's streamlined and doesn't take hours to understand- we built it to match the way you work.

Efficient Plantings

Current regulatory track and trace systems use an inefficient and error prone planting process. Whether you're creating a planting of 100 or 25,000 plants, OmniCann allows you to plant with just a few clicks, saving you hours in front of the computer.

Simplified Harvesting

Harvesting is one of the busiest times of the year. Getting everything coordinated, cut down, and hung up is a task that few look forward to, especially if you're racing against the clock to beat the first rain. OmniCann simplifies harvesting to the point where what previously could take our customers 8+ hours of recording now just takes couple of minutes. Why add compliance complications to an already complicated task? Our customers have been raving about the time savings- come see for yourself how we can help you streamline your harvest compliance.


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